Building Growth Companies

Together with our management teams, we strive to build market leadership through the creation of sustainable competitive advantages. We only partner with a small number of companies and dedicate a significant amount of time and resources to fuel profitable growth.

  • Through R&D to build technology-based differentiation that creates competitive advantages

  • Through sales and service to build deep, long-term relationships with customers

  • Through investments in human capital to attract, retain and develop world-class employees

  • Through a deep understanding of industry workflows creating “vertical intellectual property” that can be embedded in products

  • Through strategic capital allocation decisions (buy vs. build, geographic expansion, channel expansion, etc.)

It is our goal to ensure all of our portfolio companies receive the maximum benefit from our experience and networks. We make customer introductions; we provide guidance on strategy, industry trends, positioning and operations; we introduce our companies to industry thought leaders; we leverage shared services and best practices across the portfolio and we build world-class boards of directors.

We also believe consolidation strategies can create significant value in select situations. When acquisitions are part of the team’s strategy, we often function as an outsourced corporate development team.

We believe it is our shared responsibility to drive growth and build market leaders

Case Study

Consolidating a Vertical Market

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