Consulting Services

Strategic guidance and operational expertise

The AKKR Consulting Group works with portfolio companies directly as well as on cross-portfolio initiatives to increase revenue growth and profitability. The consulting team has an extensive background and experience working at software companies and provides the following services:

  • M&A integration (mergers & acquisitions) including creation of the integration plan, integration management office, communications plan, product portfolio alignment, brand/marketing integration, organizational design
  • Sales and marketing effectiveness including assessment of the commercial model, organizational design, talent assessment, commission structure, marketing strategy and plan, tools and technology and metrics
  • Customer engagement and retention including assessment of the strategy and organization, creation of the customer lifecycle plan across functional areas, analysis of renewal rates, customer satisfaction scores and execution plans to improve engagement and retention
  • Operations and process optimization including business process assessment, productivity analysis and creation of improvement plan
  • Strategy and market analysis including strategic planning, assessment of market position, business model and growth opportunities, competitive assessment and modeling of new market opportunities
  • Talent assessment including analysis of current leadership team members or other key individuals within the organization
  • Recruitment and organization design including leveraging network and third party search firms to hire executive and VP level talent, assessment of current organizational structure and recommendations for optimizing design based on priorities and objectives
  • Benchmarking across over 80 metrics and best practices development across functional areas and specific topics to improve business performance. ┬áTo sign up for a custom benchmark analysis, please complete this contact form
  • Pricing optimization to maximize revenue opportunities and value creation
  • Professional services revenue enhancement through analysis of pricing and optimization of utilization and chargeability
  • Cross portfolio functional collaboration including functional summits, group conference calls, shared databases and the creation of LinkedIn Groups


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