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Zaragoza, Spain

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Endalia is a Human Capital Management and Payroll SaaS business that provides software and services to mid-market and enterprise businesses in Spain.  Endalia offers two core modules, ‘Organization’ and ‘People’ which provide their customers a core platform from which their customers can then access an assortment of 13 HR and Payroll modules spanning from ‘Staff Planning & Budget Management’ to ‘Tax Retribution.’ In addition to their proprietary SaaS offering, Endalia provides clients with the option to outsource each module, freeing clients from the administrative burden that accompanies payroll and HR regulation, allowing their customers to focus on the core HR functions that they prefer to manage internally.  Endalia has over 125+ customers, including large enterprise customers such as Grupo Caixa, Airbus, BMW, and Grupo 5.  The Company was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Zaragoza, Spain.