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Teamcore & Tech-K Join Forces in Mission to Become Latin America Leader in Retail Execution Technology

Combined Platform Enables All Tiers of CPGs and Retailers to
Take Advantage of Advanced Retail Execution Technology

Santiago, Chile March 9, 2022Teamcore, a retail execution technology platform, and Tech-K, a business intelligence company for retailers and CPGs, have combined forces to become one company as part of the mission to become the leading retail execution technology company in Latin America. The combined companies will enable all tiers of CPGs and retailers to take advantage of market-leading software and analytics through one trusted technology leader to boost OSA (on-shelf-availability) and capture new revenue.

“We believe this is a powerful combination as Teamcore and Tech-K bring complementary strengths to the table: insights and actionability,” said Sergio Della Maggiora, CEO and co-founder of Teamcore. “Together, we can serve all customer segments across Latin America: retailers and CPGs of all sizes can now pick from a suite of best-in-breed solutions that corresponds with the size and complexity of their retail operations through one trusted partner.”

Teamcore’s retail execution technology enables hundreds of brands and retailers including Tier 1 CPG clients such as 3M, Coca-Cola and Unilever in Latin America to transform their retail data into actionable insights. Teamcore collects thousands of in-store and online data inputs, applies proprietary machine learning to automatically raise inventory and pricing issues or placement opportunities, and provides actionable tasks and recommendations in real-time to field teams, brand managers and retailers.

Through its flagship InStoreView product, Tech-K is a retail visibility platform that provides data visualization and sell-out information such as sales reports by individual product or store location. Going forward, the combined companies will be able to serve all tiers of CPGs and retailers across Latin America with a complete suite of retail execution and BI solutions that best fit the complexity and growth goals of the retailer or brand. This marks the first M&A activity for Teamcore since receiving a significant growth investment in August 2022 from global software investor Accel-KKR.

“Our team is eager to collaborate with Teamcore and join forces to serve the broad retailer market,” said Patricio Gelmi, President of Tech-K. “In the retail industry where profit margins are tight, our combined product suite can deliver significant efficiencies for retailers and CPGs – resulting in higher revenues and less strain on personnel and the supply chain. Together, we are setting the standard for the future of retail intelligence and execution.”

About Teamcore:

Founded in 2015 in Santiago, Chile, Teamcore enables retailers and CPGs to manage the in-store availability of their products and gain BI/insights into their stock and performance. Teamcore’s algorithm generates and prioritizes customizable action plans for CPG’s field reps, enabling them to better prioritize their time and target higher priority lost sale opportunities. At a global scale, lost sales represent a more than $1 trillion market opportunity and by leveraging its machine learning platform, Teamcore has proven to increase the POS growth of their customers by 3.0% to 5.0%. For more information, please visit

About Tech-K:

Founded in 2011 in Santiago, Chile, Tech-K develops information technology solutions. Among its product portfolio, there is InStoreView, a business intelligence platform that allows CPG  companies to integrate, make visible and analyze all their sales and stock information and detect business opportunities. Point is a business intelligence platform that audits and analyzes public market information.