True Growth Orientation. Partnering with and Growing Technology Companies

Since its inception in 2000, Accel-KKR has been working with mid-market software and technology enabled services companies to drive growth and create value for all stakeholders. Accel-KKR partners with management teams to accelerate organic growth and take advantage of targeted M&A opportunities.

The firm’s track record over the past twenty years speaks for itself with portfolio companies significantly increasing revenue growth rates, expanding EBITDA margins and creating value for stakeholders.

One example of how the firm adds value is through our benchmarking program. The firm uses a proprietary model with data collected from 300+ B2B software and technology-enabled services companies, providing participants with visibility into their own performance vs their peer group so that they can identify areas for improvement and create actionable targets for themselves.

Participation in the benchmarking program is free, and Accel-KKR welcomes participation from companies outside our portfolio.  If you are interested in signing up, complete the contact form and one of our Consulting Team members will reach out to explain more about the program and next steps.

Strategic guidance and operational expertise

The AKKR Consulting Group works with portfolio companies to increase revenue growth and profitability.  It also focuses on best practices and benchmarking initiatives across the portfolio. The consulting team has extensive experience working at a variety of software and tech enabled services companies. Learn more about the consulting group’s services.

Accel-KKR has an extensive and global network

Accel-KKR believes that one way we can provide significant value to our portfolio companies is to leverage our global network to introduce companies to potential customers, partners and service providers. Many of our companies have benefited from introductions from our advisory board members, our investors and from ourselves.

A Holistic Approach to Value Creation

Companies in the technology space often look at accelerating growth in two ways – organically by focusing on sales and marketing and inorganically by executing targeted M&A activity. Accel-KKR and the AKKR Consulting Group help our companies define the right balance between these two growth strategies, identify acquisition targets and create frameworks, sales models and integration plans to execute each in support of clearly defined outcomes.