“What excites me the most is the efficiency and value that dealerships are realizing by participating in Minnesota’s EVTR program,” says Colton Seisler of Vitu’s Minnesota team. “Our pilot stores have given glowing reviews of our product and customer support team. We are totally committed to providing unparalleled 24/7 support to all our dealerships.”

Vitu has been processing transactions in Minnesota since November of last year, having partnered with select dealerships while participating in a pilot program initiated by Minnesota DVS. Beginning today, Vitu’s solution is open to all dealerships, offering streamlined in-state EVTR, robust inventory ordering and assignment, 50-state title and registration and 24/7 customer support.

“Our expectations have been exceeded by the feedback from our pilot program partners on Vitu’s EVTR product and their satisfaction with our local team members. Vitu’s commitment to innovation and support from local domain experts is what helps Vitu stand out from the others,” says Joe Nemelka, Chief Operations Officer. “We are totally committed to Minnesota and will be investing heavily in our offering and growing our team in the state.”

Vitu’s Minnesota office is based in West St. Paul with team members living throughout the state in an effort to provide onsite support regardless of dealership location. Every team member has extensive knowledge of DVS and Deputy Registrar title and registration compliance — both in and out-of-state. Vitu strives to transform Minnesota EVTR with unparalleled service, modern technologies and customer support.

About Vitu
Vitu provides innovative, cutting-edge services to the motor vehicle industry. Our namesake solution manages titling and registration transactions in all 50 states and across multiple locations — all on one platform. With the mission of expanding and automating Vehicle-to-Government (V2Gov) transactions, the Vitu platform is reimagining how drivers, businesses and governments interact with vehicles. In addition to the revolutionary Vitu solution, our products include DMVdesk, California’s No. 1 ERT provider in terms of the number of new car dealers, Vitu Driver, which provides automatic and flexible registration renewals for consumers in California, and the Registration Management Professional (RMP) program that trains new and experienced dealership personnel. Vitu has offices in California, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Montana, Oregon and Virginia.