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Applied Predictive Technologies (APT) is the world leader in leveraging Big Data to help organizations harness the power of Test & Learn, a powerful fact­based approach for choosing, targeting, and tailoring strategic and tactical actions for maximum impact and profitability. APT provides predictive analytic software that enables users, ranging from executives to business analysts, to better understand the cause­and­effect relationships and economic implications of key business initiatives, including those related to marketing/advertising spend, capital investment, customer service, pricing strategies and distribution strategies. The Company delivers its software as a service, through a standard web interface to end­users. APT’s blue chip customer base includes Global 2000 leaders such as Wal­Mart Stores, Starbucks, Kraft, Anheuser­Busch InBev, Holiday Inn, Staples, Lowe’s, Victoria’s Secret, Food Lion, and Toronto Dominion. APT has offices in London, San Francisco, Taipei, and Washington, D.C.