“This is truly a major step forward for the automotive industry,” stated the California New Car Dealers Association (CNCDA) President, Brian Maas, “Vitu has consistently driven policy and technological innovation in partnership with the industry and this is just another example of their leadership. We’ve also been working closely with the federal government and the California DMV to get to this point and we’re thrilled that the effort has paid off.”

Purchasing a vehicle has notoriously been a time-consuming and paperwork-heavy process for dealerships and their customers. With a regulatory framework now in place to support a fully digital experience, the California DMV sought partners who could implement a system to comply with the promise of the new regulations. Vitu’s Authority Trust was the first solution to deliver on the promise.

“By working with the California DMV, CNCDA and adhering to NHTSA requirements,” says Don Armstrong, Vitu CEO, “we have implemented a simpler, faster and cost-effective service for those preferring to engage in a complete digital experience. We are looking forward to rolling this service out nationally.”

The flexibility, digital security and integrity of the Authority Trust solution allowed Vitu to meet the California DMV’s aggressive implementation time frame. Vitu’s system is designed and prepared to quickly deploy by interfacing with existing auto dealers and DMV processes, without requiring them to modify their systems. Vitu will soon begin working with other state DMV partners around the country to implement Authority Trust in their jurisdictions.

About Vitu

Vitu provides innovative, cutting-edge services to the motor vehicle industry. Our namesake solution manages titling and registration transactions in all 50 states and across multiple locations — all on one platform. With the mission of expanding and automating Vehicle-to-Government (V2Gov) transactions, the Vitu platform is reimagining how drivers, businesses and governments interact with vehicles. In addition to the revolutionary Vitu solution, our products include DMVdesk, California’s No. 1 ERT provider in terms of the number of new car dealers, Vitu Driver, which provides automatic and flexible registration and driver licensing for consumers, and VituPay, which provides e-commerce and point of sale payments for the government and auto retailing markets. Vitu has offices in California, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Montana, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Virginia.