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ESTELA has three core offerings: Electronic Tax Documentation; Electronic Signature and Contract Life Cycle Management (CLM) and Legaltech; and Digital Identity and Biometrics. These pillars are combined with Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity, forming a solid comprehensive layer that promotes innovation and protects client assets and transactions. ESTELA does business as Pegaso Tecnologia and Indicium in Mexico, and Facture in Colombia.

Driven by its values ​​of speed, reliability, innovation and simplicity, ESTELA is committed to creating digital solutions to address the operational, regulatory and compliance challenges faced by companies in Latin America. ESTELA’s mission is to accompany clients on their digital journey with confidence, agility, efficiency, innovation and security. Its motto, “Todo Bajo Control” (“We have you covered”), reaffirms ESTELA’s commitment to being a reliable and protective partner for companies on their path to digitalization.